Bisque Doll Antique

Doll Shopping With Joan And Lynette Antique Dolls At Ufdc FRENCH BISQUE MECHANICAL WALTZING LADY BY JULES STEINER circa 1863 Value This With Dr Lori 20th Century Dolls 34 Steiner Figure A French Bebe Doll, Couturier Dress & Bonnet, Perfect Bisque Antique Bisque Girl Doll 16 inch Antique French Fashion Poupee 1880's Bisque Doll 18 Antique French C1890 Bisque Lanternier & Cie Bebe Doll Antique Closed Mouth Belton 106 Sonneberg 17 Doll Pierce Ears Bisque German 15 (38cm) Antique French Eden bebe doll by Gaultier with closed mouth, c. 1888 RARE. Head (ONLY) for antique doll with beveled rim. Heinrich Handwerck DEP 99 Antique French Bisque Doll marked Jullien 23.5 Antique French SFBJ 301 Bisque Head Beautiful Paris Doll HH Wig Blonde SC5 12 French Jumeau Fashion Doll. Skin Wig. Chemise. Swivel Neck. Antique SPLENDID ANTIQUE GERMAN (CLOSED MOUTH) BISQUE DOLL with'BRU' LOOK Darling Antique'kestner' Doll Rare Character Mold # 185 Antique 6 All Bisque Boy Doll Legs marked S&C 3 1/2 /0 30 Heinrich Handwerck / Simon & Halbig Bebe Antique Bisque-Head German Doll Beautiful Antique German Ebony Black Hermann Steiner Bisque Head Doll Four Centuries Of Wax Antique Dolls Antique doll Kestner baby doll JDK cute Hilda with old dress bonnet Antique 33 Kammer & Reinhardt/Simon & Halbig Bisque Child Doll, perfect cond 17 Antique French Rare Rohmer Poupee Peau withFabulous Outfit, Perfect Bisque Lovely Antique 32 Heinrich Handwerck Doll 19 Antique E8J C1884 Bisque Bebe by Emile Jumeau Doll withOriginal Signed Body Antique french doll Sfbj 301 Paris 2 Bleuette Early 18 antique pouty Kestner doll, closed mouth, French body 24 Antique Jumeau Bebe Triste, Emile Jumeau, circa 1880 French Bisque Doll 28 Antique Jumeau Bebe Triste, Emile Jumeau, circa 1880 French Bisque Doll Antique ARMAND MARSEILLE American Indian Native Doll Bisque Compo Germany 8/0 Very Beautiful Antique Tete Jumeau Bebe / Size 10/ Org Shoes/ Wig Antique rare beautiful caractère bébé SFBJ mold 227 size 4 perfect condition 24.5 Antique Kestner Bisque Doll Germany K 146 14 Blue Sleep Eyes Beautiful SC5 All original antique french Jumeau doll 6.5 Antique S Star H Not Sure Germany Bisque Compo Body Original Wig #SF2 Antique Cuno & Otto Dressel Bisque & Composition 22 Doll Teeth 1912-4 Germany Antique German 27 Doll By Franz Schmidt, Head By Simon & Halbig As found wonderful antique Napoleon III wax baby Antique 1881-86 French Bisque Head Emile Jumeau E5J Doll ORG Wig/Body/Dress Gerbrunder Haubach #48 Antique German Bisque Boy Doll, 11 Composition Body 30 Inch Antique Kammer & Reinhardt KR 192 Bisque Doll Great Large Size Large Antique Jumeau 1907 (29) My Collection Antique French And German Dolls Bisque U0026 China Head Doll Collage Antique French Mignonnette Doll A Beautiful Antique French Fashion'jumeau' Doll The Doll That Saved Christmas Antique Haul To Sell For Profit Antique large exceptional rare mignonnette all bisque Wrestler Kestner 16 Antique French Rare Smiling Empress Eugenie Wooden Body Poupee by Maison Bru Adorable Rare Cabinet Size 11 3/4 152 Kestner Antique German Bisque Doll Antike Porzellan Puppen Junge Dressel 1915 mit antiken Schwan Antique Doll Süße Antike Simon Halbig Porzellan Puppe viel Zubehör Antique Simon Halbig Doll

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