Bisque Doll Antique

22 Bebe Steiner Figure A 15. Antique french bisque head doll. 56 cm Antique French Fashion Poupee 16 IN Antique French Fashion Doll Beautiful Gown Antique exceptional rare mignonnette all bisque Simon Halbig clothes original Antique French FG Fashion Poupee Twins 11 1/2 IN Ca. 1880's French Fashion Dolls Antique exceptional rare cabinet bébé Jumeau incised size 1 (8,85 inches) Antique French J. Steiner Figure A BeBe Doll 18 Original Body Antique Clothes Antique bisque doll Kammer Reinhardt KR 115 A Simon & Halbig Antique German Bisque Doll Gambel Store Stamp GORGEOUS Antique H Handwerck German Bisque Doll 69 Curly Blonde Wig Pretty Dress Antique Kestner 143 18 Doll German Bisque for Restoration doll hospital TS Antique German Doll Marked Kammer Reinhardt Simon Halbig From Our Antiques Mall Antique large Simon & Halbig Bisque Doll 36. UNUSUAL SIZE has pull string Antique German Bisque 5.5 Mignonette Size Snow Doll All Original Clothes 18 Antique Kestner Bisque German Doll Closed mouth 7 1/2 brown PW Eyes Kid Body Antique bisque doll Kestner 184 all original 20.5 Antique German Simon & Halbig Heinrich Handwerck 119 10 1/2 Beautiful #SC5 RARE 25 Simon & Halbig #979, Open Mouth, Square Teeth, Superb Antique Costume Adorable 4 1/2 Antique German Kestner All Bisque Doll With Case & Trousseau Antique German All Bisque Shoulder Head Doll ca1910 Ultra Gorgeous Kammer Reinhardt 191 Antique Doll Outstanding Emile Jumeau antique bebe E10J Antique German Bisque Turned Shoulder Kestner Doll Antique Silk Dress and Hat for Antique French German 28 Doll BRU Jumeau Kestner Antique beautiful rare Bleuette first Jumeau size 1 (10,63 inches) Antique Bisque French DEP Doll Antique French Steiner Doll Antique German Bisque Head Kestner Doll With Rare Open Closed Mouth Early Antique 5 All Bisque German Kestner Doll Blue Glass Eyes Swivel Neck Antique 25 French Fashion Portrait Jumeau Doll Poupee Peau withMauve Eyeshadow Antique Jumeau Doll Porcelain Bisque China Victorian 1840s Rare Closed Mouth Portrait Perfection French Antique Jumeau Doll Seminar 22 Antique German Bisque B4 Walking Body Blue Eyes Unbranded Work On Hands #S Gorgeous Antique Parian Doll 17 Germany 29 Antique German Simon/Halbig Kammer & Reinhart 76 Bisque Doll Amazing #SF3 17 Antique Young Early French Fashion Doll, Beautiful Early Light Bisque Antique French Bisque Open Mouth Jumeau Rare 20 Antique Bisque Head Simon & Halbig 1159 Lady Doll Germany c1910 24.5 Antique German Bisque Doll A. W. Special Blue Sleep Eyes Blonde #Sf2 21 Antique Gebruder Kuhnlenz 32-29 Very RARE Bisque Closed Mouth Doll 7 Antique German Painted Bisque Head Doll Googly AM JUST ME! Composition 17 Very Beautiful Antique French Fashion Doll FG Paupee by Francois Gaultier 15 Antique E5J C1881 Bisque Bebe Jumeau Doll withOriginal Body 26 Antique French Bisque Poupee w Rare Wooden Articulated Arms Darling Antique French Leon Casimir Bru jne #8 Bebe, Early Body, Pro Restoration 21 Antique German Simon & Halbig Heinrich Handwerck Bisque Adorable Blonde #SC4 Antique German Kestner Closed Mouth Doll Size 7 Antique bisque doll Kestner 184 all original Antique 11 Just Me Armand Marseille Doll. Fired Bisque Head ANTIQUE KR SIMON HALBIG 20 126 BISQUE CHARACTER BABY DOLL WOBBLE TONGUE beauty Antique French bisque fashion doll (period Jumeau, Gaultier)

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